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Hall Spice Company

Hall Spice For Import & Export started 10 years ago as a local supplier for most of the Egyptian Herbs and spices and Aromatic and Medical plants, Since 2020 we Started to export our products to Europe countries and other countriees

We believe in sustainability for our environment so we pursue to provide our customer with opting for recycled content, reusable, and lightweight material whenever possible. We still did not find the perfect option but we try.

Quality Products
Competitive Prices
specialized laboratories
Automatic packaging
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Our most important products

Anise Seeds
Caraway Seeds

Our Policy

Our company Is aiming to improve lives, we’re focused on delivering products that can have a positive effect on the quality of life for all people, their families and the rural communities in which they live. It can also have a positive effect on consumers and society overall. Part of our research and development is devoted to developing seeds that produce food that has improved nutritional qualities. Achieving higher yields while reducing environmental burdening through improved soil management. This is the objective from who are working on new cultivation systems on sandy soils.

Our Principles
Trust, Honesty, Quality and Sincere Customer Service are our business principals.
100% Organic
Organic farming has gained increasing interest as an environment friendly production system.
Available 24/7
Contact us to find out more about our Services. our professional staff will be happy to answer questions about our specialty products.
Medicinal Plants
for society development in organic agricultural for medical herbs, through human resource development through agriculture.